The Great Plains is an enormous region that stretches from Saskatchewan to Texas and from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to the Missouri River. Despite its size and sub-regional diversity, many residents of North America have little notion of what goes on within these vast expanses.  To others it is home, and to still others there is no place better to be.  The contributors to this blog favor the latter of these categories.

Produced by students in their Spring 2018 Capstone Course, “Great Plains,” this installment of the Majestic Plains is a distillation of a series of larger creative and scholarly projects.  The projects included research papers from multiple disciplinary lenses, family histories, family ranch management strategies, professionally produced tourist materials, musical compositions, paintings, historical novellas, photo-documentaries, and blogs.  Collectively, they explore some of the myths, icons, and realities that define the majestic Great Plains